From the Sublime to the Ridiculous


Fashion has become more ridiculous with the passage of time. To attract attention celebrities – particularly female models or those who vie for exposure to keep themselves permanently in the news – opt for whacky outfits in order to standout no matter how bizarre or outrageously unkempt they look.


Others compete by deliberately wearing as little as possible or, for that matter, even going commando so as to make possible the accidental unholy exposure of their most intimate parts to the roving eyes of their followers.

Is there a point, one may ask, where all these shenanigans no longer have the desired impact and vulgarity is discarded as a passé form of self-promotion making it virtually ineffective in the right quarters? Or is sexual impact so potent as to ravage everything in its way and remain more of an instinct embedded in the depths of our genes?

Kim Kardashian, notorious for her outfits – and her lack of them – is seen in this  picture rocking up for lunch in shredded jeans which she tears rather cleverly to get the maximum reaction from her fans. If that’s the ultimate in fashion then I’d rather be unfashionable and stick to conformity and elegance than choose tawdry displays of tattered bits of clothing pretending that this unpalatable look is the new norm in a society that has lost its focus and become vagrant, masquerading as an art form of the enlightened.

Perhaps Kim, with the bulk of her jewellery stolen in Paris, has decided to adopt a new endearing image of herself as a bag-lady in need of sympathy? Who knows what she will do next…




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