2016 has been for me a year of great tragedy. It culminated in the death of my beloved wife Maria, whose love and companionship for sixty years gave me every fulfilment that I had ever dreamed of.

In a life punctuated by a humble beginning, hard work and a Spartan existence, that would become the norm during our formative years, it was a struggle which bound us together; husband and wife, seeking the same objectives to better ourselves and forge ahead in a disciplined manner to achieve a measure of success we could be proud of. Most of all, though, it was to build a life together that, in essence, let our relationship withstand the vicissitudes of time and gave us a happiness that earmarked everything we did and aimed for. This I shall never forget as long as I live.

This Christmas, however, the dark clouds that followed Maria’s death were miraculously alleviated by the birth of a granddaughter which my son and his lovely  Pauline appropriately called Maria. Little Maria brought sunshine back into my life the likes of which I missed for most of last year, to the extent that existence as I knew it before was becoming rather meaningless.

But now what a Christmas present I have! I thank the Good Lord for his immaculate gift and I will try to live again until the day when I get the heavenly summons to join my wife for eternity.


  1. Fadi Helewa

    Happy new year Habibi GOD bless… Well I am praying for a much better year in 2017 and the coming years. God bless HUGS to you and Ramzi


  2. Adam Rudzki

    Naim, What a surprise ! Congratulations to you and Ramsey and of course to Pauline whom, unfortunately, we do not know. We are sure that little Maria is already a lovely girl and that she will grow up to be an extraordinary woman.
    Happy, healthy New Year
    Adam and Zena