Man of the Hour

After ten weeks of unforgettable entertainment Ed Balls’ luck has finally come to an end. The former shadow chancellor was eliminated from Strictly Come Dancing on Sunday night having failed in his dance-off with Judge Rinder. The 49-year-old was given a hero’s farewell by his co-stars on the BBC show, who lifted the former Labour MP on to their shoulders.

What a journey it was and what a transformation it has been for the politician who lost his parliamentary seat in the last general election and whose critics predicted the end of his lacklustre political career. His star, if it had ever shown, was doomed to oblivion. The Labour party has fragmented since and is truly in the doldrums for the foreseeable future. There was no tangible role for Ed that could have resuscitated any ambition he may have hoped for as a public figure.

Then, miraculously, a strange opening presented itself through his participation in Strictly Come Dancing. It was considered at first a bit of a joke since he was not an able dancer which proved to be the case. Yet he managed to charm the public in this new bizarre role.


His adoring new band of followers, which mushroomed suddenly and unexpectedly, backed him to the hilt after they discovered that a onetime dull politician has a side to his character both endearing and, unlike a majority of others of his ilk, endowed with a natural sense of humour that’s hard to resist. Even the press found him a gregarious figure with a loveable disposition and afforded him the kind of publicity reserved for the big stars of the screen and people with phenomenal talent.

He won’t be forgotten in a hurry and hopefully he will rise again in some form or other, brandishing yet another hidden talent. However, come what may he will be remembered as Ed, the man with the hefty balls.



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