Ed Balls, the former Shadow Chancellor and now widely considered by many as the worst dancer on Strictly Come Dancing, is proving to be a phenomenal character. Adored by the public for his comic portrayal of dance routines, they have kept him in the running, despite scoring the lowest points and coming bottom of the judges’ leader board for the ninth straight week.

Descending from the ceiling while playing a piano, his arrival on the dancefloor in Blackpool was the most memorable of the series to date and miraculously it sent him to the last six of this year’s contest, taking him a step closer to next month’s final. Olympic long jumper Greg Rutherford and his partner Natalie Lowe were eliminated by the judges after ending up in a dance-off with gymnast Claudia Fragapane and her partner A J Pritchard. Rutherford said: ‘It’s horrible. I would like to think I was getting better and improving but obviously not.’


Balls (aged 49) stole the show, as he has been doing so far, when he was lowered from the Blackpool Winter Gardens Tower Ballroom ceiling playing a piano, before taking to the dance floor to jive with the mesmerising Katya Jones, the Russian sex siren, to the Jerry Lee Lewis song, Great Balls of Fire.


Who would have thought that the tedious politician, viewed by many as a lack-lustre individual, would turn himself into a camp, heroic character full of humour with a highly entertaining dance routines that has captivated his audience throughout the land.

I for one do not rule out the possibility of his winning the contest against odds that defy every conceivable wishful thinking, given the formidable standards of the show itself. Ed Balls, with his now inflated ‘Balls’ will, I am sure, become the likeable celebrity that avoided him as a politician.


  1. Joe Mankowitz

    This new man is precisely what was predicted by Nick Robinson when Ed Balls announced his retirement from politics