Plugging One of Our Books

In The Times last Saturday under the heading ‘Pointers to a Dominant Personality’, I was intrigued to read a possible assessment for clues on how the next president of the US will perform in office through his body language and gestures.

Donald Trump’s expansive gesticulations suggest that he is used to being the centre of attention and the one who makes all the decisions says Lucy Beresford, a psychotherapist and host of an LBC radio show.

‘He’s used to dominating the space he occupies literally and metaphorically. The closed finger to thumb gesture shows he’s extremely focussed, he likes to nail an idea or argument and he cuts to the chase. The concern is that maybe only for a short period of time,’ she said.

Lucy Beresford happens to be a successful novelist and one of our favourite authors hence my delight to see her other professional activities. It made me proud and rather  plucky.


Her latest book, Hungry For Love, which we recently published would be a great Christmas gift. Here is the  attractive cover to entice you:


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  1. Cristina

    Sounds like an interesting book !