Reading in the press last weekend that junior doctors are considering a fresh wave of hospital strikes after a Momentum member was appointed chairman of a crucial committee; I was rather tempted to use expletives to describe their greedy and irrational way of thinking. Suffice to say, however, that they are becoming a pain in the neck – to avoid the use of a more vulgar term.

The BMA’s Junior Doctors’ Committee (JDC) was locked in discussion last week over the next stage of its protests against the imposition of new contracts. The talks followed the resignation of Dr Ellen McCourt, last Friday, as Chairman of the JDC. She said her position had become ‘untenable’ after she was forced to call off a series of 5-day strikes in an embarrassing climb-down, prompted by a backlash from medics.

Dr McCourt was replaced by Dr Peter Campbell, the deputy chairman, who had attended meetings staged by Momentum, the hard-left activist grouping that backs Jeremy Corbyn. Momentum Darlington, his local branch, described Dr Campbell as a ‘Labour Party and Momentum member.’

In a blog posting in October, following the collapse of the 5-day strikes, Dr Campbell wrote: ‘Currently industrial action is suspended. In reality it would be very unlikely for the JDC to call more industrial action without going back to the membership for a new mandate.’ He added: ‘Re-balloting would provide the strongest mandate.’

A spokesman for the BMA confirmed talks had been on-going last weekend about the Union’s next move in its continuing dispute. The spokesman said Dr Campbell was appointed interim Chairman with elections due next month. ‘There are certainly no plans for further industrial action at the moment,’ said the spokesman, ‘but I cannot say they definitely won’t be discussing it’ (strike action).

If strike action is taken, it goes to show that these junior doctors prove to the nation that they are an irresponsible lot who deserve to be turfed out from the medical profession, for it seems the more they are pampered the worse they become and behave.

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