Having backed Theresa May in her bid to lead the Conservative Party and become prime minister, I feel somehow dejected, as I realise more and more that her oratory has no real substance. No one seems to know what her real policies are and where as a nation we are heading. Brexit has become her favourite tune in order to placate her divided inner cabinet who, it seems, are given leeway to make wild pronouncements that veer away from practicalities and are unlikely to translate into effectiveness.


Hard Brexit would be a disaster if applied and Britain will suffer as a result. We must never forget our European ties whatever the circumstances, as the world at large will not give us the support we hallucinate about. I fear she is playing with fire and her odds of survival do not augur well. Unless she cleans up her act and stops a rhetoric that is meaningless and utterly confusing, the months ahead will play havoc with the economy and her enemies will become more emboldened to unseat her.

Trouble is brewing in Scotland and can make matters unsettling in other parts of the United Kingdom. Even Mark Carney, the Governor of the Bank of England, is now deeply concerned that the Prime Minister is trying to give him orders over the Bank’s policies. The honeymoon period will soon be over and she needs all the wisdom she can muster to lead this country out of this current uncertainty.

This country’s future is bound to get worse if the Brexiteers’ misguided demands are not contained sooner rather than later. Beware the Ides of March when the negotiations with the EU are scheduled to start. Crossing the Rubicon is Theresa May’s only salvation.

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