I can’t for the life of me imagine why Nigel Farage who is an intelligent and able politician has been, and is still, backing Donald Trump for the presidency of the United Sates, despite all the scandals exposing Trump as a misogynist, a sex pervert and an abuser of women.


I have always considered Farage to be a dangerous man who would stop at nothing politically to achieve his right-wing ambitions which are tantamount to those every liberal-minded person is likely to abhor. As it happens, Nigel’s own party has asked him to stop canvassing for Donald Trump. Dismayed UKIPers have urged him to shut up about Trump, whose image has been sullied and will somehow tarnish those who support him.

A meeting of most of UKIP’s MEPs last week unanimously agreed that the party leader should stop supporting Mr Trump according to the Political Home website. Three senior figures have already gone on record to voice their displeasure at Mr Farage’s backing. At last week’s meeting, which included about three-quarters of the party’s 22 MEPs, everyone in the room was said to have supported these concerns. Mr Farage had left the gathering by the time the subject came up.

‘Nobody dissented and there were a lot of Hear! Hear!’s and claps and nobody disagreed’ one person present said. It seems that Nigel is pretty much in a minority of one among the MEPs. Another source said that Mr Farage, who became leader again after Diane James quit the job after 18 days, must make clear he is backing Mr Trump in a personal capacity. Mr Farage angered party figures after he said that the lewd comments were ugly but dismissed them as ‘alpha male boasting and the kind of thing, if we are honest, is what men do.’ Jane Collins, the Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire MEP, said that Mr Farage was trying to defend the indefensible. She said: ‘To make this kind of criminal behaviour seem normative makes me seriously question his judgement. Trump’s sexist and derogatory comments have unequivocally proven he is unfit to become President of the United States and Nigel Farage should think carefully about defending him.’ William Dartmouth, the MEP for the South West & Gibraltar issued a statement to ‘strongly dissociate himself from Mr Farage’s actions.’ He said: ‘I’m a supporter of Nigel but this goes too far. What message does it send to us in the UK for Nigel to be an apologist for Mr Trump? This is not usual locker room chat, nor is Mr Trump’s view shared by very many men.’ On Tuesday, Jonathan Arnold, MEP for the North East Region said he was disappointed that UKIP was being ‘sucked into the Trump campaign.’

Well, the whole matter is not a joke. Nigel should be ashamed of himself to have uttered such offensive words by claiming that it is not unusual for men to boast about their sexual conquests in such a disgusting manner.

We must never forget that sex is a gift from God, and is sacrosanct.

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  1. Saying a few sexist things about groupies a decade ago or even actually grabbing them by the pussy cannot possibly be worse than WW3.