The Spain We Love

Footprints in Spain is a book every Briton should read, given that most of us have been drawn to Spain for centuries.

From the Pyrenes to Gibraltar and La Coruña to Murica, the Iberian Peninsula has played host to many momentous events that have shaped the culture, history and psyche of both nations. Over time, Spain has made its mark on some of Britain’s best-loved thinkers, writers and royals, from Catherine of Lancaster to Laurie Lee and Benjamin Disraeli to George Orwell.

Intelligent, humane and enlightening, this book tells the story of great British lives in Spain over the years. In doing so, it vividly charts the tumultuous history of Spain, its people and its British visitors, touching on everything from monarchy to tauromachy, Don Carlos to Don Quixote. Writing with warmth, colour and a keen eye for an anecdote, Simon Courtauld gets to the heart of Spanish life and sheds new light on this eternally fascinating country.


Simon is the author of seven previous books including Spanish Hours. In addition to many years spent travelling in Spain, he has been legal correspondent of The Times, deputy editor of the Spectator and a regular contributor to the Telegraph.

If you’ve never visited Spain, the book will more than enlighten you what to expect and see.

It will also be a marvellous Christmas present to give to  those whose love of travelling will induce them to add this book to their library and spread the good word around to ensure that this remarkable volume will gain the media coverage it deserves.

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