People can be their own worst enemy despite their evolution in scientific ‘progress’, for they can turn research into a deadly tool which poisons the environment, often without realising it.
Take for example the nuclear waste buried under the ice of Greenland during the Cold War.

A bunker is now at risk of being exposed due to global warming, scientists have warned. Radioactive coolant, sewage, diesel fuel and tons of PCBs – a chemical coolant banned in 1979 – were abandoned at a US camp, Century Base, when it was decommissioned in 1967.
The Americans left the base, which was used as a nuclear missile site under the assumption that snowfall would cover it up. When the site was mothballed, nuclear waste was buried in tunnels, 50 feet underground.

A study in Geophysical Research Letters, a journal of the American Geophysical Union, found the ice melting faster than the snow is falling to replenish it, and warned that the material could be released into the oceans by the end of the century. What a disaster that could be.

On a more constructive note and to add to our knowledge, scientists have uncovered the first evidence of China’s Great Flood, the epic disaster that marked the birth of Chinese civilization but had increasingly been dismissed as a myth.

By analysing bones preserved from an earthquake believed to have caused the flooding, geologists also found that the disaster, and the start of the Xia dynasty, occurred centuries later than believed. This is the first time a flood of this scale – large enough to account for it – has been found, said David Cohen of National Taiwan University.

How interesting and devastating the power of nature can be.

I still believe that the end of the world will conceivably take place and what a colossal and frightening sight that would be. Hopefully, I will be in God’s Kingdom by then and can watch it from the safety of Heaven…

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  1. cristina

    Americans are very good to try to cover things up…so does the Chinese…
    Nature in the other hand only reflects our actions….