Cara Delevigne never ceases to surprise me. Her rise to stardom has been swift and rather dramatic. She’s a free spirit whose behaviour and utterances seem to know no boundaries. She can amuse as well as shock the Establishment with her sexual, all-embracing diversity yet she remains the darling of a new generation of young people to whom she represents a sort of immutable iconic figure who defies the general comprehension of rebellious aspirations, interlinked with fast living and pleasurable dispositions.


In an interview with the Sunday Times she unleashes her verbosity by saying ‘I want to be honest about who I am, by asserting that nearly half of the women never talk about their vaginas.’ She supports her sister’s cancer campaign, she tells her interviewer. ‘There is a taboo surrounding vaginas and I just want to get rid of it. It’s part of our anatomy,’ she continues. ‘It’s beautiful. I think everyone should be comfortable being naked, because everyone’s body is beautiful no matter how developed they think they are.’


Discussing vaginas is not a subject that she’s remotely fazed by, which is exactly why she is the perfect person to front this year’s Lady Garden Campaign from the Gynaecological Cancer Fund. The charity was set up in 2014 by a founding committee which includes big sister, Chloe Delevigne, and the PR boss, Jenny Halpern Prince, (both of whom have had to have part of their cervix removed after precancerous cells were detected) as well as the actress, Mika Simmons, and the socialite, Tamara Beckwith, (both of whom lost their mothers to gynaecological cancers).

Cara’s role is to encourage women to be more open about their lady parts and to give them the courage to speak up about symptoms, so that the five gynae cancers – ovarian, uteriane-endometrian, cervical, vagina and vulva – may one day no longer be known as ‘silent killers’.

Cara’s participation in the campaign is admirable. Her remark that vaginas are beautiful I certainly agree with and endorse. They are women’s most cherished bits, where life’s passage begins. The mystery that surrounds the vagina gives it the ultimate desirability and the key to sexual gratification – a treasure that the Good Lord, in his infinite wisdom, has granted to his subjects.

Let us all therefore rip our masks off and admit our conversion to the Vagina League of Worshippers.

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