The Daily Mail showed this picture of the three ministers with the above heading to illustrate, I must presume, their self-confidence at having their own way despite the prime minister’s more measured approach to settling our exit from the European Union. Who rules the roost? Only time will tell.

When laying down the rules for our exit, the arrogant David Davies insinuated more about the power of the three Brexiteers than was appropriate considering that the prime minister has not fully orchestrated the nature of her approach when the negotiations with the EU will take place. As a public relations exercise the Brexit minister David Davies in his address to Parliament showed a lack of political acumen by overstepping the brief – which we understand was slapped down by Number 10 – mainly for saying Britain was almost certain to quit the European Single Market. Downing Street went on to rebuke Mr Davies for ‘putting all his cards on the table’ at the start of negotiations with Brussels.

Davies declared that Britain would be prepared to quit the Single Market in order to reclaim control of its borders. He added that, once the negotiations with the EU were complete, it was ‘very improbable’ that the UK would remain a member of the free trade zone.

This went beyond Theresa May’s own stated position that she is seeking the best deal for Britain with nothing fully decided. Looking at the laughing picture again I can’t help thinking that the prime minister is going to have problems with these deluded ministers who must believe that they have her where they want her.

Under the circumstance she must not weaken in her resolve not to be dictated to and she must prove to the electorate that she’s totally in charge of the destiny of the nation. Otherwise her tenure will be short-lived.




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