Strictly Come Dancing, my favourite BBC programme, will be back on our screens in three weeks’ time. Last Saturday we were given a preview of who’s who this year, with the celebrities taking part in the competition and the professionals they will be paired up with. This year’s show looks like being as intriguing as ever, and is predicted to maintain the high standards of the previous series.
The oddity amongst those taking part is Ed Balls, the ex-Labour Shadow Chancellor who lost his parliamentary seat during the last election, while his wife, Yvette Cooper, retained hers. For some reason I never rated him that high as a politician, although I always considered his wife to be the more popular and more able of the two.

The curtain-raiser show saw the 15 famous faces, now paired with their professional partners, taking the first tentative steps onto the floor for a spectacular group jive. It was much too early to see who is likely to win the contest. But unfortunately, Ed seemed visibly nervous in demonstrating his skills as a dancer, especially with his red hot Russian partner whose gorgeous body and sexy demeanour, recruited to raise the temperature, and who will certainly galvanise her audience whenever she appears. Her name is Katya Jones and her reputation is of a sizzling dancer with an ambition to match. I will certainly wait anxiously for her debut and hold my breath that she will prove as talented and sensationally devastating as her looks suggest.


However, her task to remain afloat will depend on whether she can ensure the survival of Ed at least until the early stages of the competition. She must work him as hard as she can to avoid his exit (and hers) before the audience has had the chance to evaluate the entertainment skills of their pairing and their public appeal.

Having seen on Saturday another side to Ed, I felt he must be given the chance to elevate his stature as a man of multiple talents, and to give him some solace outside the political arena. I wish him luck. It’s never too late to become an overnight heart-throb…

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