The junior doctors’ decision to go on strike yet again is lamentable. Having accepted the government’s improved offer three months ago to avoid any further disruption of the NHS, their call for further action is ample proof that this greedy, money-seeking bunch are morally lacking the very tenets of their admirable profession – an affirmation of looking after their patients above anything else. Instead, their vocation seems to have faltered, reflecting a disparaging attitude to the accepted beliefs that the public at large have always considered to be sacrosanct.


Their action, if carried out, is likely to inflict incalculable risk this time to those seriously ill, who need constant attention and whose lives will be jeopardised for no other than purely commercial reasons. Yet the perpetrators of the mayhem to come have the audacity to appear on our television screens and claim that their action is purely motivated by their concern to save the NHS. This hypocrisy is so blatant as to make one sick to one’s bones.
I sincerely hope that the government will not be blackmailed into submission by their demands, which should be resisted to the bitter end. If the youth of today were all to take this selfish attitude and constantly whinge no matter what, then our reaction should invariably be bold and uncompromising. Many of us have experienced poverty but kept our dignity and worked hard to improve ourselves, and eventually attain the advancement we were seeking; but only through a greater measure of responsibility that the strikers of today are not demonstrating.
To keep one’s head high is worth more than the worldly goods one can accumulate. The depravity of our standards is worrying. Let’s, for heaven’s sake, not succumb to the temptation of following this ghastly trend. Otherwise we will all suffer as a consequence.

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