A Cutie to Watch

Bella Hadid, the nineteen-year-old sister of Gigi, seems to be saying to her elder sister, ‘whatever you can do, I can do it better’.

A real magnet to photographers, Bella has risen from an aspiring debut as a cheeky model to a flashing cutie who will stop at nothing to promote her gorgeous body to limits bordering the chutzpah of the Kardashian tribe.


Her Cannes debut mesmerised the Croisette during this year’s film festival and since then she has established herself as a new force of risqué fashion bondage-style bikinis which leave very little to the imagination.
At the rate of her current progression she will no doubt scale further heights to reign supreme among her catwalk fraternity. She is certainly one to watch as she has what it takes to remain on top given that she has already shown a steely determination laced with an amalgam of daring beyond her years.


I shall look out to where she goes from here since her original roots emanate from the Holy Land, similar to my own.


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