A Passing Thought

God created women with his glorious artistry to show us that beauty, like virtue, is to be marvelled at, cherished and admired for its feel -good properties.



Malin Åkerman, born May 12 1978, is a Swedish Canadian actress, model and singer. She is best known for making appearances in several Canadian productions. In her latest role she plays actor Damian Lewis’s wife in the new series ‘Billions’ which started recently on Sky Atlantic. Posh Damian, 45, plays hedge fund manager Bobby Axelrod.

As Åkerman’s pictures show, she is a beauty who poses for a sizzling photoshoot in order to promote her new series. She looks a billion dollar babe who is not afraid to expose her boobs when her role demands it. Sexy and elegant, she has a certain elan which I find most enticing. No one who loves women will find it easy to resist her and for this aspect alone I salute her and hope that she will continue to captivate us in a variety of ways that unfold naturally to reveal more of her inner sublimity.



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