A Disaster Waiting to Happen

I was one of the first people who backed Theresa May in her campaign to become leader of the Tory Party and prime minister. So you can imagine my utter surprise at her appointment of Boris Johnson as foreign secretary notwithstanding his vociferous and shabby behaviour throughout the last few months. As the driving force and leader of Brexit, he used every trick in the book to rally people to his cause and further his own ambition to become top dog in order to claim the crown of the departing David Cameron whose job he hankered after for a long time.


He only failed because he was assassinated by Michael Gove at the last minute which compelled him to withdraw from the scene and, in so doing, he gained the sympathy of many people who felt a deep resentment for the way he was side-lined and the manner in which this was done.

I honestly believed he had learned his lesson after this and hoped he would retire for a bit and bide his time once again. However, it was short-lived for as soon as Theresa May announced her candidacy he was quick to back Andrea Leadsom and the rest is history.

Everyone thought he had lost the plot for a second time and his political ambitions were in tatters but the opposite seems to have happened. I know he’s a clever operator and rather popular in some quarters but he is nevertheless a loose cannon whose loyalty is always shaky. He cannot be relied upon to steer an honest course in the political arena.

Theresa May has taken a huge gamble by appointing Boris as foreign secretary for no one could ever guarantee that he would stay the course and stop his manoeuvring to bite the hand that feeds him.

Let’s pray that the new prime minister has not made her first deadly mistake by such a ridiculous and unexpected appointment.

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