I have always reckoned that when a man is regularly seen in the company of pretty women he’s more likely to become a magnet to other women, A new study has found that women are more drawn to men who surround themselves with a gaggle of attractive women. Their presence apparently gives a man a ‘halo effect’ which confirms he’s suitable dating material, and they need look no further. The effect – known as ‘mate choice copying’ in the animal kingdom – is so strong that in America, so-called ‘wing women’ can be hired to enhance a man’s appeal in bars and clubs.


The study, led by psychologist Dchor Sarah Hill of Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, said: ‘Women find men more desirable when they appear to be desired by other women. Women use the presence of a man’s mate as a cue to his own quality. Females observe a romantic or sexual interaction between a male and other females – a model female – and preferentially chose that male as a mate.’

The investigation asked two groups of women their opinion of how attractive they found a man. The first group, of 148 students, were asked to rate how attractive they found a man when he was paired with a sexual partner or with a friend, family member or ex-girlfriend. The participants found he was more desirable when with a sexual partner. 

The second group, of 97 students, were shown a picture of a man alone or with a romantic partner and asked to rate not only his desirability as a partner but how intelligent, trustworthy, humorous, wealthy, romantic, adventurous, generous, and attentive they thought he was. They rated him more highly when he was paired up rather than alone, but also attributed positive qualities to him.

The research has been published recently in the journal Evolutionary Psychology.

Although the research has confirmed my hunch that a man frequently engaged and seen in the company of desirable women makes him an easy target to other aspiring females, the reason however is far more complex than this study has found.

I believe a competitive element in the genes of most females plays a crucial part in their desirability. The challenge factor gives women an edge and a self-confidence without which they feel bereft of the benefit and the pleasure of conquest. I suspect they need to boost such yearnings in order to maintain their seductive power. That’s the reason we love them for it…

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