An Enigma Yet To Be Resolved

A book originally published by Quartet in 1985 has now been updated with additional information that is likely to find a new audience given the rumpus currently taking place in the Labour Party. Victor Grayson: The Man and the Mystery could not be more timely than it is today.


His life may have been short but it was certainly action-packed: he became a socialist MP at the age of just twenty-five, fought in the trenches during World War I, travelled as far afield as the United States and Australasia, and achieved fame and notoriety in the UK. Today his name is still revered in socialist folklore.

His dramatic victory in the Colne Valley by-election of 1907 shocked and appalled the Establishment and Grayson represented all the energetic hopes of the newly formed Labour Party. He aspired to nothing less than the banishment of inequality and building of a New Jerusalem in Britain. Young, handsome and charismatic, Grayson was widely regarded as the greatest mob orator of his time. Yet in 1920 he walked out of his London home in the company of two unidentified men and was never heard from again.

Victor Grayson: The Man and the Mystery gives a vivid account of the Labour Party’s early history, revealing how much its radical heritage owes to the evangelical fervour of its ‘lost leader’. More than that though, Grayson’s disappearance is a tantalising mystery which renders this biography as compelling as it is expertly researched and vividly written. This fully revised and updated edition brings together new material relating to Grayson’s bisexuality, aristocratic origins and the age in which he lived.

Once you begin reading this book you are unlikely to put it down, so hurry and get yourself a copy before it’s too late. You are likely to be stunned and bewildered by his mysterious disappearance.


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  1. I’ve just ordered it, on your recommendation!