Blonde Ambition

Boris Johnson is a glutton for punishment. Having been betrayed by Michael Gove at the last minute and divided the nation as never before in his pursuit of Brexit, one would have thought that he would have learned his bitter lesson and lied low for a while in the hope that his ruined political ambition may in time be resuscitated and people would have forgotten his overbearing campaign laced with lies and inaccuracies that has destabilised the nation for months, if not years, to come.


Instead, he has already endorsed Andrea Leadsom, whose CV is rife with embellishment, in her bid against Theresa May for the leadership of the Conservative Party and premiership post.


Putting aside the issues with Leadsom’s CV, she has neither the experience nor the political skills of the Home Secretary who has proved time and again over the past six years that she is a formidable operator in a low-key fashion. Theresa May has been accepted and endorsed by 199 Conservative MPs whose judgement must be taken into serious consideration, as opposed to the membership of the party who by and large are not very familiar with Theresa who shuns publicity and works hard without the pomp and splendour of other political hopefuls.

Boris is at it again, trying to convince us that a junior minister hardly tested politically will make a great prime minister simply because she was for Brexit. All I can say to him is tell it to the marines you fool and stop being a know-it-all who seems to have lost his marbles and is struggling to galvanise the nation once again with his full-blown rhetoric.



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