A Religious Fraud

Having watched the pathetic Tony Blair defend himself as a result of the publication of the damning Chilcot Inquiry into the Iraq War, I felt that our ex-prime minister is either suffering from a brain deficiency or is simply pure evil.


I have come to the conclusion that the man who steered Britain for ten years and was, by all accounts, a rather popular leader turned out to be without principles; a man who would sacrifice an entire nation of people to suit his megalomania for power. Later on he used his influence to fill his pockets with money from consultancy deals with shady dictators without blinking an eyelid as to the morality of such enterprises.

Last night on television he was in his element playing the victim of circumstances who was trying to convince his audience that what he did was rid the world of Saddam Hussein who, in his opinion, was a threat not only to his people but to the stability of the whole region. Blair claimed he wanted to give the Iraqi people the chance to savour the benefit of a democracy and self-determination for the first time.

But the worst aspect of his stance was his refusal to show contrition for his warmongering which resulted in the death of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians and 179 of our own troops. In the process, the conflict destroyed the very fabric of Iraq as a nation which to this day is still in a state of inner conflict, with regular catastrophic losses of life. This does not seem to move him or to justify his intervention in the first place.

The man is a monster who should be made accountable for what he did. Will he? I doubt it.



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