Thought for the Day

The political scene in Britain today is unprecedented. Both Labour and the governing Tory party are in total disarray as a result of a referendum which has divided the nation as never before. The pound is being battered on world markets and continues to fall against the US dollar and the euro. The prospect of a stable economy looks rather unlikely, at least in the short term and no one in his right mind, given the present turmoil, is able to predict what will happen next.

Thanks to Boris Johnson, Michael Gove and Nigel Farage, the main instigators of the current political mishmash, we find ourselves in a state of limbo unable to plan for our future and that of our children without a reasonable measure of confidence.

We live, so to speak, day by day totally immersed in our work whilst being bombarded by the pundits turned soothsayers who try to convince us that democratic means are the best way forward even if that provokes total chaos in the meantime. If plotting against each other for personal gains is the new political philosophy then conflict with the establishment will follow.

I am truly unable to understand how in such a short period of time we found ourselves dispensing with civilised behaviour and acting as if to obtain our objectives everything is permissible that was considered socially and morally unacceptable before.

Look around you and you can clearly see that the once promised land has turned arid. Let’s hope my present pessimism is uncalled for.


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