The Aftermath

Instead of celebrating the disastrous outcome of the referendum we should now seriously ponder the future of our country and where we go from here. Choosing isolation from the rest of Europe is the worst decision that Britain has made, like cutting off our nose to spite our face.

The Scottish people have already announced that they want to remain in the EU, refusing to follow Britain into the wilderness. This, in my view, is the beginning of the disintegration of the nation we love and cherish. Others, like Northern Ireland, will follow the example of Scotland and Wales may do the same.

The Brexit lot have shown their true colours during the campaign. Even in places where refugees from the Commonwealth are a majority, they have shamelessly opted to join forces with right-wing politicians who lack the benevolence and humanitarian feelings they claim to have. It is a masquerade of the worst kind and time will tell how we shall pay dearly for their policies and lack of true vision.

David Cameron took an unnecessary risk in suggesting a referendum in the first place, but at least he had real grit and fought dearly for what he believed was the most viable course for a prosperous Britain. He was betrayed by his closest friends in the Conservative Party and he was right to resign rather than join forces with his adversaries. For that, he has earned my admiration and will always be remembered as a great prime minister. He fought relentlessly to keep Britain the envy of the world.

cameron pointing.jpg

I sincerely hope that we shall survive the traumas of the next few months and find a way to salvage the hurt that has been inflicted on the nation to satisfy the political ambitions of the very few.

May God guide us so that we keep our sanity in such difficult times.




One response to “The Aftermath

  1. Cristina

    Brexit is simply a disgrace !