Siesta Loses its Shine

Who would have imagined that scientists would tell us that an afternoon siesta turns out to be not so beneficial to one’s health? An indulgence favoured by many can damage one’s health according to the latest study.

A snooze in the middle of the day can raise the risk of high blood pressure by up to one-fifth. Researchers from the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota pooled data from studies with a total of 112,267 participants. They found that those sleeping for a short period in the middle of the day were between 13 and 19% more likely to have hypertension or abnormally high blood pressure. But when they looked at the association between night-time napping in night-shift workers and high blood pressure, there was not the same link.

Another study has discovered that small amounts of Italian cheese can keep blood pressure at safe levels – despite the perceived wisdom that eating cheese before sleeping gives you nightmares. At least 16 million people in Britain have high blood pressure and, left untreated, it can lead to a heart attack, stroke and kidney disease. Doctor Giuseppe Crippa, of Salicet Hospital, Wisconsin, said that a serving of Grana Padano, a type of Italian hard cheese, was sure to help lower blood pressure. It is rich in proteins that relax the blood vessels, researchers found.

‘Adding a little Grana Padano to a healthy diet may provide clinically significant blood pressure lowering benefits,’ said Dr Crippa. The studies were presented to a conference of the US Society of Hypertension.

Well folks, take heed – it’s far better to work hard during the day and sleep peacefully at night and keep your body in good working order; indulgence has its merits but apparently siesta is not one of them.



One response to “Siesta Loses its Shine

  1. Suzanna Vickery

    Darn it!! Just when I am getting towards the age when it’s acceptable to snooze after lunch, this comes up. Just my luck!! Oh well, it looks as if I will have to each Italian Cheeses for lunch each day to counteract the problems!