Sex In A Park

Brazil is the country where beautiful woman bathe in the sunshine, on the beaches, exhibiting their well-toned bodies and girls are so well- structured that they make the eyes of their onlookers moist with passion. I understand why a Brazilian entrepreneur wants to build the world’s first erotic theme park, complete with sex playgrounds and penis-shaped bumper cars, despite opposition from local politicians and religious groups.


Erotica Land will be located near the city of Piracicaba, about two hours’ drive from Sao Paulo and is intended to be ‘playful rather than pornographic’ say the organisers. Attractions will include an erotic sculpture park, a sexy maze, a Ferris wheel allowing occupants to enjoy the view in full privacy, a themed ghost-train and a snack bar serving aphrodisiacs. The £16 million project is the idea of Mauro Morata, boss of Soft Love, a sex product company, who promises it will be tasteful, creating hundreds of jobs and boosting the local economy. ‘The park will create 250 jobs and bring  up to 3000 visitors to the region per day,’ he said. ‘The one golden rule will be that there will be no sex in the park. This won’t be a place for nuns, but we are not trying to recreate Sodom and Gomorrah,’ he added. Quite how that will be enforced is unclear. Organisers say security staff will remind guests of the rules, but acknowledge that a certain amount of restraint may be required.

Some politicians are totally against the development and are determined to stop the venture. ‘We cannot become known as the Capital of Sex,’ said Matheus Eriel, a member of the Christian Socialist party on Piracicaba City Council. |He warned that the park will attract ‘debauched individuals.’ The controversy has forced Soft Love to delay the opening till 2018, but work on site has started. ‘We have acquired an ample site with the infrastructure we need in place,’ said Castelo Branco, a spokesman for the project. ‘We are not revealing the exact location yet, because we think heads will be cooler once we know this year’s elections are out of the way.’

It will be a pity if such a project were to be shelved. Those who complain of debauchery are those who are most likely to practice it. Others take it in their stride and let matters follow their natural course. Sex is not the enemy. It is a phenomenon without which life becomes drab and bereft of God’s most sensational gift to his subjects.`

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