Looking after one’s health is an issue not easy to tackle. We often make resolutions which we find difficult to implement and apparently, according to a recent poll, we typically wait two years before making a positive change such as improving one’s diet.

Despite nearly 9 in 10 people admitting they would like to look after themselves better, three-quarters say they have never sought advice of how to go about it. Our failure to grasp the bull by the horns means we often wait up to 25 months before facing up to a health problem such as losing weight or giving up smoking.

The survey of 2000 adults by health and beauty store Superdrug found that weight-loss is something 72% of people have considered. However, half admit they do not know what a healthy body-mass index should be. Many confess they want to improve their health for the benefit of others.

Olympic swimmer Rebecca Adlington, who is backing a wellbeing campaign run by the store, said: ‘You’re never too old or too busy to make a positive change to your health. Getting the right support is key to achieving your goal.’

1 in 10 of those questioned said they wanted to make a positive change to their health because they believe it would help their relationship, while 8 percent hoped it would help them find love. Meanwhile, a fifth said setting a good example for their children was their main motivation for changing their lifestyle.

Speaking from experience, although I admit that addiction is hard to overcome, getting the right support is key to it all. Since the age of 19, I became gradually a heavy smoker not only of cigarettes but tobacco in general, and later on dabbled with cannabis as a sideline.


At the age of 40, having been married for 15 years, my smoking habits were becoming a health hazard which I tried on many occasions to contain but without much success. My wife’s interventions were heeded but, alas, every time I put them to the test I failed to maintain my initial thrust and good intentions. Until one night, she got desperately angry with me and my immediate reaction was to throw the packet of cigarettes I had just purchased out of the window into the street below. And miraculously, I have never smoked since.

What was the secret of that fateful night that made me see reason and elongated my life’s span? Having now reached the age of 85, and still actively working fulltime, I think it was a pure and unadulterated love for a woman who had guided me ever since we met. God bless her!

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