Ladies and Gentlemen,

Last night we celebrated the launch of Lucy Beresford new book Hungry For Love at the Groucho Club in Dean Street. Here is my brief address on this occasion.


It is always a great privilege  to say a few words about Lucy Beresford, one of my favourite authors whose addition two years ago to the Quartet list of distinguished writers, has given me more pride and satisfaction than anyone can imagine.

Her latest offering which we are here to celebrate is about love, a topic of great importance to me that has of late devastated my whole being with the passing away of my beloved wife, who will always remain my guiding light as long as I live.

However, “ Hungry For Love” reminds me of the bliss that love in all its forms is the most essential of all things we know  and represents  the rewarding feeling that dominates every aspect of our existence.

I am therefore confident that book lovers will appreciate Lucy’s tackling of this delicate subject with her usual inspirational creativity and elegant flow of language.

As I consider her book to be a must read for the fastidious which I believe most of us are , I urge everyone here to arm themselves with more than one copy of her book, devour it so to speak and pass the word around for people to do the same.

Lucy is a most loveable character, a talented novelist and a woman no one in his right mind would be able to rebuff or resist.

So please show her a good measure of your appreciation and encouragement which she truly deservers. May I also add that her tenacity and enthusiasm is a lesson to us all.   

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