The Changing Course of Feminism

Feminists have of late adopted a new cult totally opposed to that of their predecessors who scorned those members of the sisterhood who dared show their nakedness as a tool to get ahead in whatever profession they targeted.


The new generation of liberal feminists are no longer ashamed of posing naked to demonstrate their determination to elevate feminism to new heights, putting aside the old fashioned falsehood that to reveal your most cherished bodily assets are contrary to what feminism has always fought and stood for.

Emily Ratajkowski, 24, who has been named one of the world’s sexiest women by both GQ and Esquire, says she is a committed feminist who has ‘no apologies’ about posing nude.

The model and actress was catapulted into the spotlight in 2013 after appearing in the video for Pharrell and Robin Thicke’s single ‘Blurred Lines’. In the video, the male artists performed fully clothed as Ratajkowski and two other female models danced topless. The song was banned at universities across the UK.


Speaking about the video to ES magazine, she said: ‘Like any art there’s a million ways to interpret it. All I can say is that when a woman is naked that’s not immediately anti-feminist.’

The American model who was born in London and lived in West Kensington as a child is the daughter of two academics – Kathleen Balgley, a professor of English and art teacher John Ratajkowski.

‘My mother always told me never to feel sorry or apologetic for my body and to never apologies for my sexuality.’

As these pictures reveal, I would certainly embrace her philosophy. Most women who have been blessed with a body like hers would, I must presume, welcome the chance of exhibiting their wares as a form of art worthy of admiration.

It would certainly give pleasure to both men and women who must marvel at the creative ingenuity of the greatest artist of all, who resides far beyond our reach and worldly comprehension.



One response to “The Changing Course of Feminism

  1. The Millers Tale

    What complete and utter nonsense. You just like looking at photos of girls with shaved genitalia, posing in a child-like and apologetic manner.