Isolation is a Deadly Price to Pay

The more I read about those who claim that leaving the EU is best for Britain, the more I see how misinformed a sizeable part of the British public is.

The campaigners for Brexit are, in my view, bamboozling the public with the notion that Brussels holds the keys to our destiny, rendering us a shamefully subdued nation at the beck and call of an enlarged Europe marred by an authoritarian system of management.








In fact, Britain’s role in Europe has always been a powerfully important factor of reform within the union and its voice acknowledged to be crucial to the future stability of the Continent.

Many institutions and individuals worldwide are urging Britain to remain part of the EU, including four former military commanders who are now asking voters to recognise the vital importance of British leadership in the European Union.

In a letter to the Sunday Telegraph last weekend the American military figures said the UK has helped secure peace and integration on the continent through the EU. They also say that the Referendum result will have a significant ‘strategic impact’ on the United States. The signatories are General Wes Clark, the commander of NATO during its successful campaign in Kosovo in the 1990s, General James Jones, Admiral James Stavridis and General Joe Ralston.

Such an intervention undermines the argument by leading ‘Leave’ campaigners that European peace has been secured by NATO rather than the EU. The pro-EU campaign will hold up the comments as further proof that retaining membership is the best way to keep Britain and the Continent safe.

The Brexit lot should, for the sake of all of us, take heed of what wiser counsels worldwide are saying and refrain from their campaign of distortion and speculation that simply does not add up or make sense. Groping in the dark is not only fraught with danger and highly volatile, it could also ultimately lead to the isolation of Britain.




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