The Brexit Mob on the Run

Holding a Referendum was an error of judgement by David Cameron for he need not have taken the risk, which has so far divided the whole nation and caused a civil war within the Conservative Party.

That said, I have an innate feeling that the Brexit brigade is losing ground with their outrageous contentions that the unification of Europe is tantamount to the birth of fascism and the advent of the likes of Hitler and Napoleon.

The architect of this new twist is none other than our bonking Boris who has lost his mind in pursuit of his ambition to oust and replace Cameron with whatever means  at his disposal. To hear him talk these days puts you off politics and confirms the view held by most people in this country that the standards of the political fraternity have fallen so low as to make us wonder what calamity to expect next.

Boris Johnson caricature by Hugh Raine.jpg

Michael Gove has similarly shown aspects of mediocrity in his over-exuberance to keep pace with Boris in his pronouncements as to the benefits of going alone by forsaking the European Union. Both of them disregard the old adage that working with the devil you know is far better than taking the plunge in total darkness without knowledge of the consequences.


Against the advice of many distinguished and caring friends who love Great Britain, the Brexit conjurers seem determined to lessen our influence and prestige worldwide on the erroneous assumption that ‘Rule Britannia’ will nevertheless be as prominent in world affairs as ever before while retaining our sovereignty.

Wishful thinking at this level is much too juvenile to be taken seriously. Let’s hope and pray that the British public will see through it all and, in their wisdom, vote to remain as an integral and most important part of Europe.


One response to “The Brexit Mob on the Run

  1. Cristina Antunes

    Dear Naim

    I completely agree with you and hope the people in the UK will use their wisdom and see what a disgrace would be if we fell to vote … Those Politicians will one day pay for they misleadings, meanwhile we public must be alert and keep it up ! Voting for an integrated EU is a wise choice a must do !