Gwyneth Cometh on a Mission

Gwyneth Paltrow can easily outshine any of her contemporaries in attracting the press to follow every new gimmick she can conjure up. She has, over the years, managed to remain in the limelight by re-inventing herself and making pronouncements on whatever subject she deems will ensure her being talked about. Her controversial lifestyle which is cleverly presented has never failed her.



The latest nuggets of wisdom to have stunned her fans are a string of saucy sex tips like watching porn and even using lube made from sweet potatoes and coconut oil. The great actress, 43, who disrobed in 1998 blockbuster Great Expectations, sent out a ‘sex issue’ email from her lifestyle website Goop recently. In it she advises women on which gadgets will best stimulate their pelvic floor and ponders why orgasms can be elusive.

Mother of two Gwyneth says she was inspired by a friend who made her own lube using yams, citrus seeds and coconut oil but she has withheld the recipe at this stage, telling her fans to try alternatives like sweet potatoes until the formula is available. She writes: ‘When it comes to lube, if it is safe to eat it is generally safe to apply.’

Gwyneth who divorced Coldplay singer Chris Martin last year also revealed that the best way to achieve orgasm is to ‘explore writings or videos that induce pleasure and arousal’.

It seems that Gwyneth is a jack of all trades, good at everything she touches. What an amazing gal she is. I presume inspiration is her motto and giving pleasure to women is her crusade. Feminists take note, your days are numbered.



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