Glory, Glory Hallelujah! The Boudin Blanc restaurant, at 5 Trebeck Street, Mayfair, last week rose to unfathomable heights of excellence in their already renowned culinary inventions, with a new chef who in a short week has proved himself a real find.

As my office is in Shepherd Market, I’ve had for many years the privilege and the joy of lunching there in an ambience marked by an efficient and friendly service which is hard to beat, and a distinguished clientele whose demeanour show their fondness for the place as if they consider it a home from home.

It hardly needs stating that I not only share their feelings but go as far as to say that I have become addicted to it, to the point where I sense a compulsion to revisit it whenever circumstances deny me the opportunity to be there.

Antonio Diguer is the new chef whose creative dishes have brought a new dimension to the art of cooking. Those who lull in good food should by any means make their way to this exquisite restaurant and experience what a gourmet treat is really like.

Take my tip seriously before the real rush makes it difficult to secure a reservation. I kid you not! You will not regret it…

One response to “TIP OF THE YEAR!

  1. cristina

    Agreed ! Great place great atmosphere ….