I can’t believe how the Brexit gang of Tory extremists are manipulating the media to urge the British public to reject the EU, in favour of a misguided assumption that Britain is much better off fending for itself against all the odds that such a policy will engender in its wake.

Last weekend totally destroyed the myth of Boris Johnson, whose rhetoric since the day he lost his marbles by his vociferous campaigning on behalf of Brexit got him into muddy waters, by attacking President Obama in a cheap manner not worthy of a man in the London mayor’s position.


The President wasted no time in taking Boris to task and in so doing slayed him mercilessly without losing his cool or balance in the admonishment. Boris, once a man whose wit and popularity enthralled the nation to become a leader-in-waiting who could have easily inherited the seat of power he longed for, is now a struggling has-been whose future is in the doldrums.

In the process, he proved disloyal and beneath his veneer of cordiality, appeared a ruthless, lightweight personality which manifested itself for all to see. With his forked tongue to boot, I can no longer watch Johnson with his tirade of platitudes and demented gesticulations which border on a disgraceful attitude vis- á- vis his audience.

Whatever the outcome of the referendum in June, his prestige will have gone with the wind perhaps to the land where the comics find refuge. I wish him bon voyage.


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