Quartet Books has, since its inception, been known as a caring, independently-minded publishing house that championed the plight of the underprivileged and those minorities who struggle to be heard, and be given the opportunity to improve their lot in a society that has virtually forgotten them. In addition, Quartet had the courage to publish controversial books on subjects that the Establishment either ignored, or was reluctant to upset the ruling class, whose monopoly of the media was too powerful to challenge, in a world where the mighty held all the cards.

Quartet has always produced young people who forged ahead in fields of journalism, literature and other artistic endeavours and proved beyond doubt that the freedom of expression and the tutelage given, where  individuals had every chance and encouragement to think for themselves and create a success totally their own.

Our recent appointed Nici West, editor and publicity manager at Quartet Books, has, last Sunday ran a marathon dressed as black dog to raise money for the mental health charity, MIND. It was her first full marathon, which she admitted made her quite nervous but she had the courage and stamina to go through with it without batting an eyelid.



I was proud that her participation was a signal that Quartet still houses young people who will, whenever possible, continue their support for members of our society who need our help the most. The Founding Fathers of our small, though influential, publishing house would have been delighted that their message had been heeded by a new generation of enthusiasts, willing to contribute back to Society what they are able to do, in return for the benefits they derive from it.

Well done Nici! If some of the dogs have your good looks it will signal the birth of a new breed of the loving animal that would be as delightful as you are….

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