If Britain were to vote to leave the EU, the consequences of such a move will cause mayhem in world markets and certainly destabilize the British economy for many years to come. The Germans will not waste any time in targeting the City, in an attempt to end London’s dominance as a financial centre. Frankfurt will certainly become the beneficiary.

Three former ambassadors to the EU – Sir Nigel Sheinwald, Sir John Grant and Sir Stephen Wall – wrote back in February, supporting David Cameron’s plan for new protections for the UK from rules made for countries such as Germany and France. They stated their belief that with these added protections for the City, Britain would definitely be better off remaining within the EU. World opinion is convinced that the exit of Britain would be calamitous and deflate our influence not only in Europe, but in every other political forum worldwide.


Boris Johnson, for whom I had some regard as Mayor of London and admired his wit and turn of phrase, has recently proved that he cannot be trusted and is only interested to become Prime Minister, whatever the price of disloyalty required. His enthusiasm to quit the EU leads me to believe any previous opinion I had of him was misplaced, as his true self has now surfaced bereft of any principles and lacking the attributes that the highest office in the land demands.

Should he fail to turn the tide against the prime minister and Britain remains an integral part of the EU, I sincerely hope that the political wilderness awaits our Boris, whose miscalculation will prove his demise. And if he were to win and become prime minister, then a lot of people who love Britain will start making plans to emigrate – a fate which no one in his or her right mind would be willing to contemplate.

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