Hong Kong Glory

In the past I had often felt that Victoria Beckham – not withstanding her achievement in a variety of fields, especially I must presume with her positive influence on her husband who has become more sophisticated and reasonably articulate – lacked the vivaciousness and warmth of a woman in the public eye.


Pictures taken of her did not in any way indicate joie de vivre or reveal a smile to endear her to the public. On the contrary, she looked bored and disinterested in her environment and rather glum. So it’s quite a change from the usual images of her dressed in black and unsmiling, wearing white and posing for a series of bizarre poses for a photoshoot for the Chinese edition of Vogue.

The striking black and white pictures show the 41-year-old fashion designer with her hair tousled and loose. The former Spice Girl, who shared these images with her 9.8 million followers on Instagram, recently opened her first boutique in Asia in the heart of Hong Kong.


The full shoot appears in the May issue of Vogue China. To be quite honest, I find these pictures manifest a new dimension to her character hitherto unknown, and unravel a stunning sexuality that seems to have suddenly blossomed. As I’m a thigh freak, she has definitely won me over!

All I can say is: ‘Go for it Victoria – it is never too late. Bedazzle us even more now that you are in your prime.’


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