Ruskies To The Fore!

Donald Trump is skidding. Angry women could prove his downfall. When storming in the polls to prove he’s unstoppable, his loose tongue got totally out of control and led him to stumble in a way which is almost irreparable. All this at a time when a conventional front-runner in the contest for the White House would be consolidating his or her base of support and looking towards the general election. Trump, though, has made a string of deadly errors and is facing a stinging defeat in today’s primary contest in Wisconsin.


Female voters look set to desert him in droves. In the past fortnight Mr Trump has mocked the appearance of rival Ted Cruz’s wife, Heidi; his campaign manager was charged with assaulting a female journalist; and worst of all, the billionaire committed the eternal sin by suggesting that women should be punished for having illicit abortions.

His comments that women having abortions should be treated as criminals if the procedure is banned, caused widespread outrage last week across the political spectrum. In a panic, he quickly reversed his position – by Friday he was insisting there was no need for tough legislation – but Wisconsin will be the first test of how much damage has been done. If he loses there badly, his chances of reaching the 1237 delegates needed to automatically secure the party’s domination will be severely damaged. The latest polls have him trailing Mr Cruz, the Texas Senator, by 10 points.

In the midst of all this, a new ally has surprisingly come out of the woodwork. Pravda, the former mouthpiece of Soviet Communism, says the world would be a safer place with Donald in the White House. The paper seems to have copied his way with words. In a colourful opinion piece it dismisses the leaders of Europe as ‘pansies’ and says that only Trump is strong enough to fight militant Islamists. ‘Cameron, Hollande and Merkel need to listen up,’ it explains. ‘Pay heed to Trump’s sage words. In order to stop the bleeding from the carnage, murder, rape and mayhem within their borders, Europe has to turn off the immigration flow. Learn from his leadership before it is too late. If you do not smell the napalm more of your cities could end up as Brussels.’

Is Pravda his new soul mate, emerging to reverse his latest downturn or does its intervention signal his coup de grâce? We shall soon find out… Donald might have had his days of glory but his over-confidence has finally run riot, and threatens to eclipse his chance of ruling the roost.

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