The Ora Factor

Rita Ora, the ex-judge and coach on the 4th series of The Voice and who later was to jump ship to become a judge on the 12th series of the X Factor has, in my opinion, lost some of her natural sparkle with the move from the BBC to ITV. Her image has unfortunately become brasher, less elegant and certainly much raunchier, as these pictures reveal.


Some might venture to say that the Simon Cowell influence has turned her into a sex siren, more in tune with mass market vision than possibly the higher echelons of the modelling elite. The hot singer not only went topless, but hitched up her leather skirt to grin, as if to say: ‘I gave my fans more than a peep at my breasts and perhaps the full Monty will follow next time.’


This sensational cover for the French magazine LUI was taken by controversial snapper Terry Richardson, 50, and was the second time he has shot this famous British pop star and actress. In the first session, in 2014, Rita, 25, sucked her finger and went topless, but covered her boobs. I must say I find this cover inappropriate. It is simply to emphasise a point.


But now, Rita has gone commando in France recently in a strung-together orange dress at Versace’s Paris fashion week’s show.

There is no stopping the ambitious lassie whose horizons seem endless. We can now only look forward for her next graduation, if that’s possible.


One response to “The Ora Factor

  1. Hope she lives up to her true potential. She really is a talented singer.