A Cautionary Hope

Ghislaine Maxwell, the youngest daughter of Robert Maxwell, the late media baron, is now facing a suit for defamation which will once again cause a flurry of unwanted publicity involving her association with the disgraced business man, Jeffry Epstein. The highly publicised case keeps coming back to haunt her amid claims that the two were involved in sex-trafficking.

A judge has now ordered Ghislaine the well-known British socialite to disclose any letters or dealings that she had with Epstein which might shed light on the nature of their relationship. The suit for defamation was lodged by Virginia Roberts Giuffre, a young woman from Florida, who claims that she was trafficked and sexually abused while still a minor by Mr Epstein with the ‘assistance and participation’ of Ms Maxwell’.


Ms Giuffre initially made this claim while attempting to join a law suit filed by two other alleged victims of Mr Epstein in Florida. She claimed she was also required to sleep with the Duke of York. A judge hearing the case did not allow her to join the suit and ordered that her claims relating to the Duke be struck from the record as ‘lurid and unnecessary’. The Duke strenuously denied the allegations. Ms Maxwell issued a statement through her agent saying that the claims were ‘obvious lies’. This has prompted Ms Giuffre’s defamation suit, filed last year. In response, Ms Maxwell’s lawyers said that Ms Giuffre was peddling ‘fantastical claims’. However, Judge Robert Sweet has ordered that she disclose correspondence and conversations between 1999 and 2016.

I first met Ghislaine in the late 1980s when she lived in London and was very prominent on the social scene, and highly regarded. She was indeed a bubbling young lady of a warm disposition, and easily likeable. I saw her twice since her move to New York. The order she faces now stems largely because of her friendship with Epstein who, by and large, has proved to be an unsavoury character who she should have distanced herself from.

I sincerely hope she will be vindicated and will be back in circulation soon, where she truly belongs.

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  1. One of the other Maxwell daughters was made bankrupt last year, not long after the man she lived with in France was found dead at the bottom of a cliff. Things seem not to be going well for this family.