Anarchy All Round

The Tory party is in total disarray. It is breaking at the seams. The division within its ranks is more pronounced than ever before. The chaos is almost terminal. With the resignation of Iain Duncan Smith, the only member of the cabinet who it seems has some principles and is not swayed by expediency, will inflict further deadly wounds to a motley of Tory opportunists who are running in every which way to assert themselves, as the leadership of the party is losing its grip on its members. George Osborne’s plan to cut benefits for the disabled appears to be the last straw in a dishevelled government who are clinging to power by the sheer chaos of vulnerability: A Babylonian consortium, speaking an alien language which few can grasp or translate.


All this is happening when Britain is facing a referendum which will seal its future for generations to come. June is not far off and the politicians are squabbling interminably, mostly in platitudes, without rhyme or reason. Brexit has become a game where those who favour it are plodding in the dark without the least basis for credibility. The world over is convinced that such a course will signal that Britain has given up being a global player and that Germany, who is calling the shots in Europe, will most likely gain additional influence in international forums where Britain might find itself excluded.

I blame David Cameron for not controlling his Chancellor, whose ambition to succeed him I believe is now in tatters. Osborne’s predictions in his budget are far off the mark. It is looked upon as simply a matter of juggling the figures, which will not work in the long term. I don’t trust the man or his figures. His eyes are so shifty that one can see that he himself does not believe the sums he bandies around in his budget, in order to hoodwink a trusting public.


I fear for the future isolation that Brexit will generate, when Great Britain will ultimately diminish in size and Scotland, Northern Ireland and even Wales, will vote for independence and go their own disastrous way, all cheerfully believing that grass is greener on the other side. However, a fool as I am, I still reckon that the majority will want to remain part of the EU in order to reform it from the inside, and help create a powerful and dynamic block as a counter balance to Russia, China and the dwindling power of the United Sates.

One response to “Anarchy All Round

  1. The people who are doing very nicely in the EU will be outnumbered by those who will vote viscerally, according to how much they hate and fear the thought migrant swarms swarming into their neighbourhoods.

    The migrant swarms are caused by NATO’s destruction of Libya and Syria in pursuance of neoconservative policies as US vassal states.

    Why would any rational man you want to remain part of a supranational organisation already infamous for the egregious incompetence of the leader its dominant state – Germany?