A Wonderful Experience

For the past few years my hearing has gradually deteriorated to such a level that it became embarrassing when, at a board meeting, I found it extremely difficult to follow the essence of what was going on. In the end, after some procrastination, I decided to take the plunge and obtain a hearing aid, in order to avoid a situation where my pronounced disability would cause me no further hardship.

My son took me to an ear specialist, whose professionalism made the whole exercise almost an enjoyable social event rather than a nerve-wracking appointment. Farah Kiani, a young lady of 29, was charm itself with a smile that could launch many a ship and an attitude that made her practice the zenith of affability. Well spoken, with an elegance and comportment rarely encountered these days, especially among this new generation of a professional ‘know-all tribe’ who are carried away by their own self esteem.


Farah is best described as a breath of freshair, or more appropriately as a beautiful flower undulating in the summer breeze. Her photograph, reproduced here, will give the reader a measure of her aura and hopefully the notion that professionalism need not be stern to reflect itself.

One response to “A Wonderful Experience

  1. Mazen Salha

    Naim your hearing is much better than most who have no need for a hearing aid. Its the acuteness of mind that matters and you listen when most just hear. MS