Thoughts On A Magazine Cover

The March issue of French Vogue has on its cover a bare Gigi Hadid in resplendent form.

965_mars_couv_2_jpg_9826_north_499x_white.jpgA shot elegantly constructed, that evokes femininity in its most luminous and sensual dimension. A picture celebrating the inner depths of a beautiful woman’s body has rarely been presented so effectively, in celebration of God’s given gift as a stunning example of his great artistry. The pose, the allure, the sultry look are combined to take your breath away.

In particular, her Palestinian origins strike a special cord with me as I come from the same land – the land of the Bible, the Koran and the Torah.


As Palestinians born and bred, although dispersed throughout the world, we still feel a special attachment to the land of our forefathers and to the soil that nourished them. It makes us envious of those who remain steadfast in their belief that peace will once again reign in this holiest terrestrial enclave.

Gigi Hadid, the international American model who graces our attention in this superlative photoshoot, transports us to a glamorous world some of us aspire to inhabit but it has also triggered this rampant barrage of disconnected thoughts which perhaps make no sense at all.

On the other hand, it invariably links the unlinkable and transposes itself to a mere celebration of her gender, though these thoughts, I will admit, may reflect a confused mind and a kind of creativity run amok.


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