There are more things in heaven and earth…

Although life as we know it on earth has so far not been discovered elsewhere, there seems to be a vague indication that perhaps after all some of the far away planets might intriguingly have or have had a semblance of a life not dissimilar to our own.

The vast universe remains such a mystery of gigantic intricacies that our brains, despite their miraculous power and ingenuity, are unlikely to unveil the conundrum of the entire creation or, at very best, a small part of it for time immemorial.

However, a citation recently by alien hunters claims to have spotted a cross and the ruins of a temple on Mars, calling it ‘a significant religious discovery.’ The structures, including seemingly carved stones, are the latest bizarre sightings in images beamed from NASA’s Curiosity Rover.


They were identified by a French UFO hunter before spreading around the community. Paranormal investigator Scott C. Waring said: ‘This is a very unusual find and probably a significant discovery for those who are religious. I would bet big money that this is a full size cross. Near the cross, there are the ledges of a beautifully carved roof that has since caved in.’

Last month Curiosity sent snaps of a rock formation appearing to show a face, that enthusiasts claim is an ancient Martian sculpture.

Well, I have a strong belief that sooner or later, with the rapid advance of technology and our resolve to unravel what lies beyond –  what appears as the infinity of space –  exist a multiple of worlds to defy human comprehension.


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