The Devil Incarnate

Tony Blair is a real monster. The more you read about the man the more inhuman he appears: A money-seeking rogue, thick-skinned and a crooked politician, whose tenure at 10 Downing Street brought shame to this nation and to the very concept of decency.


It now transpires that his wife Cheri is as calculating as he is and uses similar tactics in order to keep up with the pace at which her husband operates. In so doing she does not mind the company and the level her clients conduct themselves. It is, so to speak, like a bottle that has found its tight-fitting cork and feels comfortable with it.

Tony however, described by many as a war criminal for his invasion of Iraq under false pretences and his deceit as to the motive that led him to cause the death of thousands of innocent people, is still on the loose, unhampered and protected by the establishment at a great cost to the Exchequer: To roam freely around the world in great style using his influence to amass a great fortune, irrespective of the methods he uses, the people he associates with or the dictators he advises.

A devastating book by Tom Bower reveals in great detail how Blair repeatedly deceived his cabinet and used every trick in the trade to wage an illegal war on Iraq, and even tried to oust a military chief who dared raise doubts about the validity of Blair’s trumped-up claims which eventually cost British troops their lives.

His hypocrisy and lies have now been substantiated by many who saw it all happen at close quarters but eventually did nothing to prevent it. The Chilcot Enquiry has become a farce and no one believes that he will ever be brought to justice for his criminal deeds.

In the meantime, his arrogance is undiminished and, like the proverbial peacock, he has the audacity to masquerade as a man who fears God and strives for peace in a turbulent world of his own making.

The rascal must get his deserts for what he has done and castigated for his illegal misdemeanours.

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