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The paperback edition ofDoctors Dissected will be in the shops on March 10

‘Doctors speak in their own words in this fascinating book,’ wrote Hilary Mantel, ‘and the result is a provocative insight into bodies and souls.’

The critics were unanimous in their praise of the book. Here is what some of them said:

‘This wonderfully readable and unusual book is not conventional in its approach, which is partly what makes it sympathetic. It is personal, conversational, unpredictable … It is fitting that a book that deplores a loss of personal connection between doctors and patients should make time to explore intimacy between its covers, And although this book is not as crude as a rallying cry, it leaves one wanting to be part of a crusade to win doctors more time to be everything they want – and need – to be.’   Observer

‘It is gritty and raw, and has no glossy coating or ER-style makeover glamourizing either the status, or the intellect of medics … Doctors Dissected is much more than the average medical memoir. It is a profound and intimate examination of the life of a doctor.’   Daily Telegraph

‘This is a deeply human, searching book, whose interviews roam far and wide in response to the life story of each doctor … excellent … Doctors Dissected provides valuable and startling insights into how doctors think.’ Sunday Times

‘It gives the reader the impression of doctors being “examined” on the psychotherapist’s couch and provides an unusual and unexpected view from the other side. Riveting and thought-provoking,’ The Pulse

As publisher of this gem, I believe that no one in his right mind could afford to be without a copy of this book, if only for reference purposes, now that the main topic of the day is the NHS, how it is run and why it is the subject of such great controversy.

Find out for yourselves. Join the league of those who consider that much could be done to ameliorate this august institution which so desperately needs a new direction and better management. Both the authors have hit the right chord and deserve all the praise they have received.

Don’t be tardy… Act now, get a copy and feel the better for it! Your health and well-being surely deserves it.

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