The Blundering Boris

Bonking Boris is off his rocker. To join forces with those who campaign to leave the EU will, in my view, seal his demise as a future leader of the Conservative Party. It will also lead to the fragmentation of Great Britain, with Scotland winning a future referendum to gain independence followed by Wales and Northern Ireland, leaving little England isolated and struggling to fend for itself. What a calamity that would be. The City of London will cease to be the international financial centre as we know it today, and we are bound to lose our influential standing in the international political forum.

Boris, for whom  I had  a great regard once, has proved to be a clown, bereft of any qualities that make a prime minister. He has shown his colours which are hollow and without a grain of common sense. As for the rest, who favour breaking ties with the EU for purely false and misguided nationalism, I have nothing but disdain.


Their arguments are full of hogwash; nonsensical and fanciful assumptions which the British public should reject out of hand. We are Europeans, even our royals are German-rooted and for heaven’s sake, who’s kidding who? We should sustain our European union and make it stronger by fighting from the inside to create a viable bloc which will be heard and respected to the dismay of those who do not wish us well.

The fragmentation of Great Britain is not the answer. We should back David Cameron who for once has proved worthy of the task. He clearly demonstrated his love for his country by embarking on a campaign to preserve our stature and influence in the world, risking his leadership of a Conservative Party now almost destined to self-destruction. If that were to happen, we should not shed a tear for such inflicted follies of unforgivable dimension.


One response to “The Blundering Boris

  1. David Sambar

    You said it so succinctly and to the point Naim.