A Temporary Farewell

Yesterday, the love of my life died peacefully. Maria, my wife of nearly sixty years, my inspiration, my life-long companion and my soulmate left my son Ramsay and me, and joined the angels in the heavenly firmament.

She was truly a lady who never aged, had a smile that could disarm the most intransigent of either gender, and had a natural and captivating innocence which shone ever brightly in a world full of darkness.

Life without her will be so hard to bear for she alone knew how to capture the best in a relationship that garnered strength through the vicissitudes of time. My happy memories will remain with me as long as I live and, even in death, I hope the good Lord will give me the rare privilege of seeing her again, enjoying her magical spirit, her inner and outer beauty and her unforgettable aura.

Maria, my love, I’ll say au revoir for now, for I cherish the hope that we shall meet again in a world bereft of inhumanity and rich in fraternity and goodness, by the grace of God. 


7 responses to “A Temporary Farewell

  1. If we make the correct choice, we will all meet again in the next life.


  2. Adam Rudzki

    With great sadness and deep sorrow I have learned that Maria passed away. I have met met her more than sixty years ago and we have been friends ever since. Later, when she met my wife, they too became great friends. In reality, Maria was not only a friend, she was family. We love her dearly.

    Rising from a humble Polish background and the horrors of war, she became a beautiful, sophisticated woman of the world. She acquired a remarkable knowledge and appreciation for old jewelry, antiques and fine art. When searching antique markets and stores with Maria and my wife, something we all enjoyed so much, Maria’s guidance and advice was invaluable when contemplating any purchases.

    We would get together with Maria as often as possible, mostly in England, France and the United States in order to share and experience all the things we liked so much. Now there is a void in our lives. We mourn the lovely Maria and we will miss her for ever.


  3. Riad Nourallah

    My dear Naim,
    I share your grief and anguish, and can offer few words of comfort. I had the great fortune of meeting Maria a few years ago and can vouch for her exceptional brilliance and grace and the extraordinary light she shone on your life. May that precious light remain with you, particularly as the lights of the world seem to be somewhat dimming, challenged by the dark barbarities of life-negating forces.

    If you can spare a moment, I invite you to read Rilke’s “The Death of the Beloved” (in J.B. Leishman’s superb translation), but would urge you to trace “the pathways” of Maria’s life also in this world, which sorely needs her light as well as yours.
    Riad Nourallah (Loughborough University London)


  4. My deepest condolences Naim. This too shall pass.


  5. Zena Rudzki

    My heart is filled with sorrow at losing my dearest friend. I will always cherish the 50 year friendship Maria and I had together. We enjoyed each other’s company because we had so much in common, a love of nature, cuisine and antiques. Maria had impeccable taste, so much so, that my husband entrusted Maria to choose my engagement ring.

    I have never laughed so much with anyone as I laughed with Maria. She had a wonderful sense of humor. Maria had so much energy I could hardly keep up with her. In my eyes Maria never grew old.

    Maria’s charm was contagious. What was so special about Maria was her smile and irresistible charm. With that smile she would charm a Hollywood film mogul, or she could get a grumpy waitress in a American diner to return the smile and call her a dear.

    Maria and I enjoyed the joy of life and we shared much together. She loved nature and its beauty. We would visit Chelsea Flower Show, various gardens in southern England or an herb farm in New Jersey, and Maria would be interested and enthusiastic about all we saw.

    When I look back at so many years, there is so much I could say about Maria. I feel lucky that I had her as a dear friend – Maria was so special, so unique, so amazing. And wherever she may be now, I am sure she is surrounded by flowers and continues to smile.


  6. Manoli Olympitis

    My dear Naim

    I am so terribly sorry for your awful loss. And I am devastated also. Maria to me for 30 years was a brilliant light in an increasingly dark world. I always was so cheered to see and speak to her. Maria was truly a beautiful, unique and wonderful soul. I will miss her very much.

    I learnt about this terrible blow tonight when I arrived in the country and found your letter. I have tried to call you and will again of course tomorrow.

    With all love and affection and deep sadness

    Manoli Olympitis