Real Politics

David Cameron finds himself in a proper pickle these days, having disappointed members of his party who believe that Britain will be better off outside the EU and who feel strongly against the concessions he has had to give in order to stay in. 


Well, the poor man has tried his very best to placate the right-wing lobby who, in my view, are wrong to go it alone. It would mean we would forgo both the benefit of being an important influence within the European enclave, but also risk being reduced to a small nation whose reliance on America is not only far-fetched, but truly non-existent.

For the first time in recent history we have the opportunity of showing the world that despite the loss of empire we are nevertheless a force to be reckoned with. A voice to be heard with great respect, and a nation whose experience in political matters and business acumen is unsurpassable.

Having lived in this country since 1949, and acquired British nationality, I truly think it would be a disaster if we were left to fend alone in a world which requires the kind of savoir faire which the British have been masters at for a longer period than most other civilised nations.

I sincerely hope that common sense will prevail in the end, and Britain will remain an important driving force in Europe, for I cannot visualise the great loss to both parties if we were to leave.

One response to “Real Politics

  1. Eddy Arida

    You are dead right Naim. I second your thought which is the correct attitude to take. Eddy Arida ( British by birth)