A Bit Of The Other Does You Good

Have women found the elixir of passion or has the sexual revolution gone too far? We are now taught that women are bi-sexual or gay – even those who claim they are only attracted to men are, a recent study has discovered,

Tests showed that the majority of women, who told researchers they were straight, were in fact aroused both by videos of naked men and ones of naked women. But true lesbians remained forthright in their attraction to the female form.

The psychologists asked 345 women, who had an average age of 23, about their sexual preferences. They then showed them videos of naked men and others of naked women and analysed their responses, including whether their pupils diluted – which is a sign of sexual arousal.

The majority of the women had identified themselves as straight – but, of those who did, 69% were strongly aroused by videos both by men and women. Study leader Dr Gerulf Rieger, a psychologist at the University of Essex, claimed this means that ‘when it comes to what turns women on they are either bisexual or gay but never straight.’ He added that ‘lesbians who were much more aroused by the videos of women, than the ones of men, were more like men in their reactions because men tend to show distinct sexual responses to their preferred sex.’

Dr Rieger also looked at links between sexual orientation and behaviour. He found that lesbians who may dress in a more masculine way, may not have more masculine behaviour:

‘Although some lesbians were more masculine in their sexual arousal, and others were more masculine in their behaviour, there was no indication that these were the same women,’ he said. ‘This shows us that how women appear in public does not mean that we know anything about their sexual preferences.’

Previous research by the Office for National Statistics found women are more than twice as likely to be bisexual than men. Some 94% of all adults in the UK said they were straight while 1.1% identified as gay or lesbian and 0.5% as bisexual. But when this was broken down by sex, 0.7% of women said they were bisexual compared to 0.5% of men. By contrast, twice as many men identified as men – 1.5% compared to 0.7% of women.

Some people may doubt the accuracy of this research but more and more we see young women of today, who may not be necessarily lesbians but seem to prefer the sexual comforts of other women, do seem to bond more easily than ever before.

The constant exposure of a woman’s embellished form and what was once her hidden assets have become very hard to resist to both genders. Add to this, I am told by the new liberal generation of young women, that the sexual experience they derive from sleeping with other women is unparalleled in orgasmic longevity and tenderness. Be that as it may, we men can only imagine what it could be like and envy this mysterious and pleasant watershed of desirability.

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