Emily Blunt

Film actress Emily Blunt, 32, who features in Sicario, the action-packed film where she plays a tough FBI agent, has now swopped her bullet-proof vest for a revealing backless dress.


The British beauty showed off her feminine inwardness in Mean magazine after winning praise for her most demanding role in a gritty drama, where she was determined not to get too muscly, despite having to hit the gym for the film. She said, ‘I worked out, not too intensely though, because I didn’t want her to be butch and like a man and that meant less time to the gym which was fabulous.’

Emily, wed to the US Office star John Krasinski, recently opted to become an American citizen, she claims mainly for tax reasons.

Emily, whose looks are truly the kind that reveal a naturally sulky side which can be devastatingly captivating, has sexual hormones by the bucketful, enough to mesmerise men of any generation.

As these pictures clearly show, she brings a freshness coupled with an allure that has potential of a long-lasting glittering star whose horizon looms far and wide.


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